The gas detector allows you to significantly increase the safety of an employee in a zone at risk of explosion, carbon monoxide poisoning or oxygen deficiency. Gas detectors are used to continuously monitor the concentration of dangerous substances, i.e. natural gas, liquid gas (propane-butane) and carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide) in the air in closed rooms. The detector system, in its standard version, detects exceeding the prohibited condensation of explosive (flammable) gases in its immediate vicinity and activates an acoustic-optical signal informing about the threat.

Detektory gazu i tlenku węgla

Sygnalizator do reduktora gazowego Sygnalizator do reduktora gazowego

396,00 zł

Cena netto: 321,95 zł

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Tester szczelności gazu 300ml Tester szczelności gazu 300ml
Producent: Profitor

26,00 zł

Cena netto: 21,14 zł

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Tester szczelności gazu 55ml Tester szczelności gazu 55ml
Producent: Pulsar

12,00 zł

Cena netto: 9,76 zł

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